Tired of listening to endless talk radio and 24-hour news stations in a car with no way to play music, one resident and long-time commuter in the San Francisco Bay Area decided it was time to make a change. He realized that trying to fill the driving time with endless radio babble was actually an empty distraction that blinded him from being aware of and observing what was actually going on around him and within him as he commuted. When the car radio finally became silent he began to observe and reflect on the ever-changing natural beauty of the Bay Area, the wide-ranging attitudes of the other drivers, and perhaps most importantly his own thoughts and emotions. These observations started out as an audio journal during countless hours of driving, and after several years of commuting the audio recordings turned into stories reflections, meditations, and even prayers, written on a 'MAC plus' computer. The journaling and writing stories and reflections also continued on a coveted early laptop during numerous international trips and several major family moves over a 15-year period and became the written basis for Meditations of a Commuter. The observations and reflections were now constant and ongoing.

Meditations of a Commuter (MOAC) really began to take on a new life in its present multimedia form, however, when the original writer and commuter, a professional musician, met another fellow ‘commuter’ who was also a professional musician as well as a web designer. These two like-minded commuters now devote their time and talents to developing MOAC into an expanding educational website that focuses on the spiritual aspects of the journey of life through: introspective stories and reflections; slideshows; inspiring classical and new-age music, including a choir that creates beautiful and spiritually powerful and meditation music using overtone singing; delicate poetry; gorgeous photography; sayings by acknowledged spiritual masters; as well as print and online resources for inspiring spiritual growth.

ed face

Our goings flow through
beginnings and through endings,
to the in between.


The ‘in between’ is the present moment in which out life unfolds and where we can ‘hear blessings dropping their blossoms around us’, and when we can quiet our incessant thoughts and observe and listen quietly.

Visit on the internet, on facebook as well as on youtube. MOAC wishes you well on your journey.