Meditations of a Commuter - Stories

No. 1 - O Come Let Us Worship

No. 7 - Praise Ye The Name

No. 8 - Glory Be To God On High

I enter that state between sleep and wakefulness. My breathing and heartbeat, once so loud, fade into the distant background. I drift gradually into the realm of the sacred as a wave of light and inner calmness pours over my being. I become immersed in the cascading light. Thankfulness and gratitude swell up within me for the joys but also for the sorrows for without them I would have no way to prove my inner joy and gratitude.

I am floating on a cloud of inner joy. My soul is soaring above deep oceans and then into the heavens on wings of joyful song. I am so content in my state of freedom, yet I can?t help looking down on dear Mother Earth, so vulnerable, so troubled, so precious, so beautiful. Why can?t everyone fly with me in this all enveloping and exhilarating light? I must go back and be in the world yet not of it. I must share this joy by helping both those who love me and those who do not; by helping those who know me and those who do not.