Meditations of a Commuter - Stories

ants attacking

These formicinae are perpetual motion machines with engines that never tire, working with fast and lethal efficiency. These resourceful soldiers are the definitive fighting force—determined, resolute, single-minded, focused, purposeful, physically powerful, skillful, unremitting, pitiless, unfeeling, potent, and ruthless to the enemy. Their attacks are rapid, well coordinated, decisive, unbending, uncompromising, overwhelming, effective, inescapable, unemotional, and swiftly fatal. Their group will is unstoppable, inescapable, relentless, and inexorable as they swarm on their enemy with merciless resolve. They attack and defend aggressively and brutally, stinging, dismembering, dissecting, tearing, cutting, injecting and excreting, taking no prisoners, leaving nothing behind. When necessary hundreds can appear from nowhere—nature’s ultimate rapid-strike force.

They seem to have such resolute, premeditated and calculated lives--the perfect role players that always following the crowd; each soldier knows his specific job and executes it with unfailing and vicious precision. Each trooper is on the move, never dallying, never lingering, never resting, never questioning why, never without duty or purpose. Immediately on to the next engagement, always on to the next goal, always committed, always ready.